Letter From President

Based on the original intention of "Concentrate on silicon-based materials to create a wonderful life", Hoshine has been making strides forward, and has built a series of magnificent production bases on the land of China, writing the glory from "one step" to "long journey".

Scientific and technological innovation is the power source of hesheng all the way forward. With strong independent research and development capabilities, hesheng has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with many well-known universities and scientific research institutes, aiming at cutting-edge technologies of new materials, established a sound technological innovation system, vigorously developed green energy, and bravely climbed the new heights of silicon carbon materials. At the same time, hesheng insists on transforming technology research and development into real productivity, deeply integrating industrialization and information technology, creating an automatic and digital intelligent factory, and finally forming a refined and high value-added production competitive advantage, so as to create a voice in the industry.

Hoshine has always practiced low-carbon development, adhered to environmental protection, and promoted the "double carbon" goal with green development. Hesheng advocating green, clean production, constantly updated equipment advanced technology and craft, construction of circular economy industrial chain integration, exploration of coal silicon, silicon integrated hydraulic industry whole chain pattern, by strengthening the industry innovation, integration of upstream and downstream resources, improve industrial chain synergies between the realization of energy and raw material supply of vertical, reached its self-sufficiency, assigned to each other, Finally, a complete ecosystem covering the upstream and downstream will be formed to shape the core competitiveness of sustainable development of enterprises.

In the future, Hoshine Silicon Industry will continue to build the engine of scientific and technological innovation and development. By constantly improving and extending the industrial chain, Hoshine Silicon industry will expand downstream deep processing, R&D and manufacturing capacity, deepen the global layout, highlight the advantages of scale and cost, and always walk in the forefront of silicon carbon new materials industry. I believe that in the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation, China's economy will surely create new miracles, and Hoshine Silicon industry will surely cast new brilliances in the face of historical opportunities.

                                                                                                President of Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. 
                                                                                                                             Luo Liguo