Corporate Culture

In 2005, leading an entrepreneurial team, our president Mr. Luo established Hoshine Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. For more than a decade, countless new and old Hoshine people have inherited and carried forward the spirit of entrepreneurs, and built the company into a leading silicon-based material company in China. In the process of continuous advancement, Hoshine people gradually formed a common business goal and value orientation, and consolidated into a unique corporate culture of Hoshine Silicon.

  • Our Spirit

    Success comes from persistence.

  • Our Mission

    Concentrate on the silicon-based materials to create a wonderful life.

  • Employing Concept

    People-oriented, morality first.

  • Talent Concept

    Let every employee play unlimited possibilities.

  • Management Concept

    Survive by quality, promote development by science and technology, take customers as the foundation.

  • Operation Concept

    Create a platform for employees, create benefits for customers, create wealth for shareholders, create value for society.

  • Our Vision

    Commited to be the world-renowned enterprise with most reasonable resource allocation, most influential and vitality.

Corporate Values

Honesty and Integrity

Abide by the national laws and company system, never violate the high-voltage line of the enterprise; be a person with morality first, honesty and integrity, words and deeds; requite kindness with kindness, requite resentment with justice, , to uphold fairness, honesty and trustworthiness. Use positive forces to have a positive impact on the surroundings.

Dedication and Aggressiveness

Professional and persistence, with the spirit of craftsmanship, constantly improving; diligence and efficient execution; courage to take responsibility, take the initiative to meet new challenges and tasks; hold curiosity, continuously improve learning, keep in mind the original heart and mission, and pursue excellence.

Green Innovation

Leading innovation with green environmental protection, everyone can innovate, everything can be innovative; embrace change, dare to break through, dare to try, not afraid of failure, good at summing up.

Win-win Cooperation

With an open and win-win attitude, we share industry growth with our partners; we have a big vision and can work together in a team to achieve our goals; we are willing to share our expertise and work experience and grow with our colleagues.