Company Profile

Silicone Metal Division

Silicon Metal Division is located in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. In just over a decade, two magnificent coal-electric-silicon integrated circular economy industrial parks havebeen set up on the vast land of Shihezi and Turpan, by which we have successfullyoccupied the strategically important area of the “Silk Road Economic Belt”. Atpresent, the annual output of silicon metal is 800,000 tons, making HoshineSilicon one of the biggest silicon metal producers in the world. In the future,we will step up to go beyond Asia and take on the world, making the worldrecognize "Made in Hoshine".

Silicon Division

Silicone Division is located in Jiaxing (Zhejiang Province), Luzhou (SichuanProvince), Turpan (Xinjiang Autonomous Region), and Shihezi (Xinjiang Autonomous Region). It has a complete silicone industrial chain, and pursues further developmentby continuous innovation. The Silicone Division pays constant attention to the downstream applicationindustries. We are striving for deep integration with thedownstream application industries through persistent innovation. Inthe future, Hoshine Silicon will do more to offer diverse products to society withexcellent performance and wide application, so as to meet our goal of creatinga better green life, which has been driving us forward.

Energy Division

Energy Division is located in Shihezi and Turpan of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. As part of the Coal-Electric-Silicon integrated circular economyindustrial park, Energy Division takes advantage of Xinjiang's abundant coalresources to provide electricity for otherbusiness units constantly, and this is one of the important forces for the continuous development of Hoshine Silicon.

Carbon Division

Hoshine Carbon Division is located in Shihezi and Turpan of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The graphitized carbon electrode produced by thisdivision has excellent quality. With an annual output of 105,000 tons, it is one of the biggest graphitizedcarbon electrode manufacturers in China. Since 2018, the Carbon Division hasnot only provided graphitized carbon electrode of high standards for own use,but also to other companies in China and around the world.