Fumed Silica

Product Description

It is a white, non - toxic, tasteless, non - polluting non - metallic oxide.Due to its characteristics of small particle size, large specific surface area and high surface activity, this product can help optimize the efficiency, stability and operation of the product system and formula in every link of production and processing.

It has the effect of optimization process and products in the storage battery, composite materials (synthetic resin), printing ink, developer, pigment, tick off seam mortar, adhesives, food, feed, insulation gel, paint, natural and synthetic rubber, PVC, bulk materials, silicone elastomer, toner, as well as paper coating, fabric impregnated and pharmaceutical applications.

Product Series

HS-150 HS-200

Performance Application

Colloidal battery, synthetic resin, printing ink, developing agent, pigment, jointing mortar, feed, insulating gel, adhesive, food, coating, natural and synthetic rubber, polyvinyl chloride, bulk material, silicone elastomer (HTV, RTV), toner, beauty jointing agent, etc.

Chemical Definition

Nano-silica with very high reinforcing performance was prepared by chemical fumed deposition method. Tt can be used as an excellent reinforcing filler in the silicone industry due to its large surface area, strong adsorption ability, good dispersibility, non-toxic and odorless, and high temperature resistance.

Application Industry

1. Electronics industry: colloidal battery, OELD, silicone modified epoxy resin;

2. Resin industry: synthetic resin, resin matrix composites;

3. Printing and dyeing industry: printing ink, toner, pigment and developer;

4. Rubber industry: silicone elastomer, color tires, high wear-resistant rubber, etc;

5. Pharmaceutical industry: pesticides, herbicides, etc;

6. Beauty makeup industry: sunscreen, moisturizer, etc;

7. Antibacterial materials: detergent, detergent and hand sanitizer.